Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Green

Here are some cute pictures from the other day. I love them in this green color!! :)

Josh - starts school this week. :( We have really enjoyed this break with him more more!
Joanna - 32 weeks here I come! 7 weeks to go and my memory is suffering.
Hannah - has decided my name is no longer "mommy" - it is "mom" This makes me feel way too old. Can I be "mommy" again?
Andrew - has been running a fever for the past few days now. Lots and lots of cuddles have been happening, but we still haven't figured out why he is running such a high temp.

That is pretty much the update on us. Lots happening in the up and coming weeks. Keep us in your prayers!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Josh's Birthday

Yesterday was Josh's 27th birthday! He had the day off and we had a very relaxing day. I made bacon, eggs, and toast for brunch after we slept in. We played some Wii while the kids were napping and then went out to eat at Red Robin. Kolby and Andrew Nordine came too and we had a lot of fun!

Our family at Red Robin.

Josh and kiddos with his cake.

And then I couldn't resist posting cute pictures of the kiddos!! :) This picture of Hannah was taken after I trimmed her hair. I also flat ironed it to make sure I got a straight haircut. She looks so grown up and cute! :)

Here is a cute smiley picture of Andrew and Red Robin. I am so glad Andrew is such a happy guy - AND good sleeper. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30 Weeks

I had my 30 week checkup today!

This was the first visit in awhile I had to take the kids with me since Josh was working. It was the quickest visit EVER. I signed in and we had just sat down when they called my name to come back. Once they did all my routine stuff we went to the exam room and within 5 minutes the doctor came in. Yay! It was a great and quick visit. I am measuring right along, gaining weight good, and baby Micah's heartbeat was strong.
This pregnancy is coming quickly to an end and I am getting even more excited!! :) Please pray that everything would continue to go smoothly.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The First Snow of 2010

We got about 2-4 inches of snow earlier this week and it is STILL on the ground due to below freezing temperatures.
This was the first year that Hannah enjoyed the snow and was okay to walk around in it. She had lots of fun using her gloved hand to brush the snow off the cars, deck chairs, and table.
Here's my little snow bunny!

You can't tell in these pictures but the snow was still falling pretty good.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Update: Our Kiddos

I have been meaning to update about the kiddos and all the new and exciting stuff they are up to.

My sweet girl will be three next month! She is a great Mommy's helper and totally blossoming into a wonderful young lady but with a three-year-old-attitude that can be tiring. I pray the Lord gives me wisdom and guidance as I try and live out an example of a godly woman, wife, and mommy. This week we moved Hannah downstairs to our spare room to her new big girl room. She is really enjoying this special time with her new room. She wants to be in there all the time! She has also taken on her first chores! She helps me set and clear the table before and after meals. I love having this help!

My SWEET cheeks baby - now big boy! Oh how I love this cute cheesy smile!! My Andrew is so cuddly but is turning into a big boy and I am enjoying this new phase and watching him grow and develop. Andrew has favored his left hand for awhile now, so I am pretty sure he is going to be left handed. This is new for me. Andrew has also decided he wants to use a fork or spoon to eat everything. I am trying hard to let him do it all himself - I do have to say he is doing it quite well, it just takes him forever to eat! Andrew is learning new words every day and just recently started saying "baby" and also at the same time taken up an interest in one particular baby of Hannah's. He holds and "pets" her. So sweet. I know he will make a great big brother!

I am 29 weeks along. Hurray! I LOVE this active baby boy inside of me. Nesting has been a theme for me this week and I am glad to be doing all the physical labor now when I am still feeling pretty good. I have to go have my glucose test again this week. Only 10 more weeks until I meet my Micah!!


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