Thursday, February 26, 2009

No interesting blog title...

So I couldn't come up with an interesting blog title, but I am blogging anyways! We have been getting over the end of our sickness and are enjoying the semi-warm weather.

Lately I have been bathing Andrew in the sink. It has been more convenient and he can sit up an splash. Yesterday I got a few pictures.

Here's my sweet little guy.

Drew is wathcing Hannah and smiling. He loves his big sissy.
The other day I did a mystery shop for a pizza place (and got free pizza)!! We decided to give Andrew some crust to chew on. He loved it and was very upset at me when I took it away. On the exciting news this morning I noticed he has two bottom teeth poking through his gums. YEAH buddy!

I love this picture of Hannah. She likes to sit on the counter and watch Mommy cook. In this picture Daddy was making her laugh.

I cannot believe my little girl will be TWO on Saturday. More updates then!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

I'll start off with my cute pictures of Andrew. Despite being sick this whole week he has been a happy baby MOST of the time. Here is one of his cute smiles I caught on camera. Maybe he was smiling because he was wearing his Gator outfit. :)

Here is another picture from today.

We started celebrating Valentine's Day last Monday. While Andrew was napping Hannah and I made Valentine's Day cards for family. Her favorite part was that the "useless" white crayon worked on the dark pink paper, and putting stickers on the paper. In this picture she is trying to get a Sweathearts candy out of the box that Josh's mom sent her.

On Thursday, we celebrated Valentine's Day. We were unable to get a sitter so after the kids went to bed Josh went and got Outback to go and we shared an awesome steak dinner. I made heart shaped brownies for dessert.
We also realized this day that we were starting to get sick from Drew. :(

Hannah got white roses from Daddy for Valentine's Day. So nice.

I got Josh his official Nike Gator National Championship hat and t-shirt. I don't think he has taken it off yet... just kidding. He got this early because it came in the mail while he was home.
Josh got me a cute card and Target gift card! Part of the present was that I got to go and look around at Target all by myself! The sad part was that I was waiting to fill four prescriptions for our family. Yep, we are ALL sick with stuffy nose, cough, sometimes feaver, and over all feeling yucky.

I thought this picture summed up our February 14


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cute Video of the Kiddos

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Good News: Josh didn't loose his job.
Bad News: As of June 2009 his whole Citi work building will be collections. If he wants a job, he will have to work in collections.

We are praying that God will provide Josh a ministry job before this happens.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Thawing Out

Well the house and all the snow and ice around Louisville has begun to thaw out... just in time for the snow tonight! I like the snow, just not the winter ice.

The van is getting fixed this week and hopefully by the end of the week it will be good as new. Until then we have a cool new rental.

Josh started a new work schedule this week. He was offered the chance to work 4 - 10 hour days instead of 5 -8 hour days. He took it. He now has off Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Pretty random, but the kids and I look forward to three days home with him instead of just two!

Not much else going on. The big news the end of this month... Hannah turns TWO!


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