Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's Pictures

Here is Andrew in his bouncy seat. Notice he is not crying, but that is only because the paci is in his mouth at the moment. It won't stay there long if Hannah has anything to do with it!

Here is Hannah peaking over the edge. She was trying to lean over and give Andrew a kiss but she was a tad bit short.

Here is Hannah playing peek-a-boo around the bouncy seat.

One last cute pictures of my little boy. Shortly after this picture was taken Hannah was drinking her bedtime milk and walking (not watching where she was going) and tripped on the bouncy seat and landed on Andrew. This sent Hannah and Andrew into fits of screaming. Oh my...

I wanted to prag on my Dad and the GREAT job he did of replacing our bathroom sink while he was here visiting. I searched for a "before" picture but couldn't find one. It was pretty bad. It was like a SUPER OLD sink attached to the wall with old pipes, two streams of water (one for hot and one for cold), and a broken patched up wall etc etc. We now have a super cute sink and only one stream of water when we turn the faucet on. YEAH! Thanks "Poppy!"

My last picture is from the other day when I made piggy tails in Hannah's hair. It was super cute, but as you can see from her expression. She wasn't happy to sit still and let me "pull" on her hair. One day Hannah, you will like me doing your hair up all cute!

Lastly I have Andrew's FIRST video up on youtube. Click HERE!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Andrew is 6 1/2 Weeks Old!

A quick post to update you on our lives. Here are our radom facts in no paticular order:

  • Drew is now sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night!!
  • No wonder he is sleeping so long because he can eat up to 7 oz of formula at one feeding!!
  • Drew is getting cute little fat rolls on his arms and legs.
  • No wonder he is fattening up because he can eat up to 7 oz of formula at one feeding!!
  • Drew has smiled at me and me only! That must mean right now he loves his mommy best!
  • Drew HATES his bath, good thing they only have once or twice a week. He gets himself SO worked up screaming. I guess little boys don't like to be clean!
  • Hannah has gone from saying "boppy" all around the house to "MOMMY" This is a first because up until now I was just "mama". I love it!
  • Josh has started school and is quite busy with four classes and work.
  • I find myself trying to figure out when it was I last saw the outside world... four days ago?
  • I love being a Mom, but I really wish I was paid to do my job.
  • Hannah loves dressing up her babies in Drew's clothes, she even took one with her to Target today.

I have pictures and a video of Drew to post soon... stay tuned!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cute Hannah Video


If you can't view this video click here to be taken to youtube.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

5 weeks old!

Andrew was 5 weeks old on Sunday! Time is flying but and he is changing all the time. A normal night he goes 4-5 hours between a feeding, but Saturday night Drew slept almost a 7 hour stretch! I was so proud of him. Drew has been more needy lately. He does NOT want to be left in his bouncy seat, swing, or laying on the couch. He wants to be held by Mommy and that always seems to quiet him down. This can be quite challenging at times with Hannah! When Drew is asleep I always make sure to have good one on one time with Hannah and she really enjoys that.

Hannah will go for her 18 month checkup next week. This will be a tough visit as Hannah will get shots and I will be taking both kids by myself. Hannah has been eating more foods and her new summer favorite would be ICE POPS! When I get one out of the freezer she dances around and and yells "AHHHH" it is SO funny and cute. When we get done with one ice pop and I throw the wrapper away she goes and stands at the freezer saying, "Peez, Peez, Peez....." (please) until I get out another one. She is so smart!

Hannah's new word over the past day or two has been "poppy" or "boppy" or "babby" it changes a little bit everytime she says it and she will walk around the house saying like 30 times in a row changing her voice tone every few words. I have no idea what she is talking about or what it means, but it is super cute.

My last bit of news is the DOUBLE STROLLER I was able to find at a second hand children's store. My Dad had given us some money to try and find a gently used one and with some other baby gift money we were able to score a nice one. It is navy and seat both children great. It is also easy to open and close. A huge plus. I'll have to post pictures of the kid's new ride one day soon.

Here's a picture of Drew in his "little brother" shirt.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


JUST LIKE A MAN! Drew is only one month old and he is already hogging the remote! Just kidding. Josh put the remote to hold Drew's paci in his mouth.

You might notice also that Drew is laying on a Florida Gators blanket. It is a mini quilt for his bed that Poppy and Nana Jane bought for him. We love it! (Josh wishes it was his!)
Here is Hannah wearing a new dress that Grandma (Tillman) bought her while on a cruise. She looked SO cute in it, but wasn't really wanting to pose for a picture.

Poppy and Drew finally meet. Drew is wearing a camo outfit that Poppy got him. It says, "Major Cutie".

While here this week Poppy took us all out for dinner with Uncle Wade (my brother). Here is a picture of Hannah enjoying her drink.

Poppy and his two grandchildren. CUTE!

Stay tuned... I have more pictures!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

One month Checkup

Today Drew did really good at his doctor visit. He now weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces and is 20 and a quarter inches tall. Even though he has grown so much since the last visit, according to the doctor's charts he is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. Overall he is doing great! The next visit will be at 2 months when he will get his first shots. =(

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Loving little brother

Hannah LOVES her little brother Andrew!! She cannot get enough of him. When I am feeding him she climbs on the couch next to me and repeatedly kisses his face and head.
When he is sleeping in the bouncy seat or swing she cannot help but take his blanket off him, and then put it back on again multiple times.
If Hannah thinks Drew might be thirsty she cannot help but offer (really force) him a drink from her sippy cup. Again, if she thinks he needs more love and kisses she will give them too him.
Today she couldn't reach his head to give him a kiss while he was sleeping in the swing and I was afraid she was going to climb in the swing with him!
Although Hannah loving on Andrew can be challenging at times because I have to keep such a close eye on them both, I love that Hannah loves her little brother.
Hannah watches EVERYTHING I do and tries to do it to her baby! I have some old newborn diapers that I let Hannah play with. She opens the diaper, lays her baby on top of it, and tries to close it up. Hannah also borrows Andrew's blankets and wraps her babies up in them and carries them around the house or places them in the empty swing or bouncy. Just yesterday she decided to try and feed her baby with one of his bottles. So CUTE and so SMART she is!!
Tomorrow Drew has a doctor appointment and I'll update you on how he has grown. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 04, 2008

3 weeks old!

Andrew is now 3 weeks old! He did great at church yesterday and stayed quiet the whole service. He is such a good baby! (except when he really wants his dinner!) This will be a short post, but I thought I would share some pictures from today. Enjoy!


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