Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah walking around the morning of her birthday. She is wearing her new outfit with "Cutie Pie" on it.
Hannah opening her card. She can read!
Hannah opening gifts.
Hannah's ONE birthday cake.

She didn't want to dig in, I had to cut the cake into pieces before she would eat it.
Eating at Steak and Shake. So much fun!
Happy 1st Birthday sweet Hannah!
Here is a link to the video of Hannah eating cake. CLICK HERE.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Think Blue!

Well, Josh, Hannah, and I found out today at the doctor's office that we are expecting a BOY! I think Josh jumped out of his seat and yelled, "YIPEE!" (or something like that) Hannah will like having a little brother to boss around (hey, that's what I did with my brothers Steven, Wade, and Jon!). Here are some ultrasound pictures.

Of course, I had to go out today and buy some blue! I bought a cute stuffed puppy dog (just like I bought Hannah a pink bear) and a little newborn sleeper and onsie. Yes, and a "I LOVE MOMMY!" bib! How exciting! According to the ultrasound I am right on schedule with my due date of July 20, 2008!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hannah's One Year Pictures

Here are some pictures we had done. It is a few days early, but I thought I would go ahead and post anyways. They are just too cute!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Blog Look

Okay, so I have changed the outlook of the blog several times. I was set on the last look and really liked the chocolates at the top, but something went weird happened and I couldn't get the images back and the dates weren't showing up on the posts so I changed once again! As long as Josh is okay with this new look we will keep it around for awhile.
On baby news, I have been feeling he or she move around more and more. The movement is still little kicks here and there, but I am enjoying it. My Gramma Lesta arrives on Saturday and we can't wait to see her. She and her dog Pebbles will be here for a week with us before heading home.
Please continue to pray for us and pray for my pregnancy. I can't wait to update you on baby news next Monday!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was Hannah's first Valentine's Day today! Josh surprised Hannah and I both with roses. He gave Hannah white roses for purity and me red roses for love. He also gave me a HUGE double stuffed cookie cake. It is SO good. Here are some pictures from our special day.

The flowers
The cookie
Hannah with her roses
Daddy giving Hannah a single rose
The flower is funny!

Now Hannah has the flower!Mommy and Hannah with our single rosesWe got a box from Josh's Mom (aka Grandma) for Valentine's Day. Hannah's favorite part were the boxes of sweet hearts that she loved to shake! One in each hand. Hannah smiling at herself in the mirror.


This past Monday night a winter storm came in and blew 4-6 inches of snow and ice our way. Hannah and I got out in the snow while it was falling. A day or two later we made an "ice boy". Here are some pictures.Hannah was looking at her hand that had now on it. She didn't know what to think of the cold!

Hannah next to the "ice boy" I made.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our Saturday together...

Hello everyone! Lots has happened since my last post. This week the weather here in Louisville warmed up to 40's and 50's for a few days. This warmer weather was nice but it brought on some nasty thumderstorms, tornados, and winds of up to 70 miles per hour! Hannah and I huddled down in our house and prayed for our house and ourselves to be safe and to bring Josh home safely from work late that night. The next day Josh discovered only a few branches down around our house, but also some loose and missing siding from the top side corner of the house.
So now to our day today! We had a busy day of errands. We went to Lowes and were able to purchase a tall ladder (for brave Josh to climb up and fix the siding)! We also had to buy diapers and run to the bank... We got home in time for Hannah's morning nap and Josh and I headed outside to put the ladder to use. Josh climbed up the 17 foot ladder and bravely in the cold and wind fixed our house siding almost as good as new! My hero!! We got Hannah up from her nap and headed to the mall to have Hannah's one year pictures taken. After almost an hour wait Hannah was such a good sport and smiled great for the camera. She was SOOO cute! =) Afterwards I rewarded Hannah and Josh for their excellent jobs by getting lunch at Chic-fil-A. Lastly, we came home and took a family nap. All in all is was a FUN FAMILY DAY!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baby Checkup

I went to the doctor yesterday for another QUICK checkup. We waited for awhile, but were in and out with the doctor in what seemed like seconds! We were able to hear the heartbeat and everything is sounding good. I have been feeling better with not so much sickness anymore which is great. We made our next appointment for Monday, February, 25th at 9am to find out if Hannah is going to have a little baby sister or brother! We can't wait either!

Please continue to pray for my pregnancy. Please pray I will have continued good health and for the baby's heartbeat to continue and the body to form and develop correctly.


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