Monday, January 28, 2008

New You Tube Videos!

I have uploaded 4 new videos to YouTube. Please go and check them out! Hopefully it will give you a Hannah fix! =)
New video titles (and links) are:

Hannah's First Crawl

Hannah at Christmas

Hannah Crawling!! (3 min one)

Fun with Hannah (sorry no link you'll have to search for it!)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday DaDa!

Today was my DaDa's 25th birthday. He had to work in the morning and got off after my second nap. When he came in the door Mommy and I were there to say "Happy Birthday!". Mommy even made a cake. Then we went out to eat. I ate yummy bread, green beans, chicken, and goldfish crackers. So yummy! Mommy and Daddy ate steak. Extra yummy (that's what they say). We didn't get home until amost my bedtime. Boy was I tired!
Here is a picture of me and DaDa and the cake.
Here is a picture of the cake Mommy made.

Here is me giving DaDa his card. I liked it because it had sparkles on it. I even "wrote" on the inside for him!

Hannah the Gator Fan

Hannah loves wearing her Gator cheerleading outfit! What a cutie!

Here is Hannah's new trick, pulling up on everything! Nothing is safe anymore!! Look you can see it on her face. She is so proud she found Daddy's Gator teddy bear.

The cutest fan ever!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Update

Today I went to the doctor again. I saw a different doctor this time, but she was very nice to me. When she used the dopler to try and hear the heartbeat all she could hear was the baby moving around. She decided to get out the portable ultrasound machine and I was able to see our precious little baby wiggling around and also hear the little heartbeat. It was so comforting! She said everything looks great.
I will go back in 2 weeks just for peace of mind and then probably again in another 3 weeks after that for a real ultrasound to see if it is a HIM or HER.
I am still having some nausea (sigh) but hopefully soon it will go away! I am just so bad at keeping something in my tummy and that is the main problem. But the early morning sickness is still there too.
A few nights while sitting on the couch resting after Hannah has gone to bed I have felt some strange comforting almost "normal" belly flutterings. It just reminds me of Hannah when I was carrying her. I believe that I am already feeling early flutterings of our newest family member. How exciting!
Please continue to pray for our little one. I will be 14 weeks this weekend. At this stage the baby weighs about an ounce and is 3-4 inches long. Please pray for the heart to continue beating and the baby to grow stronger everyday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Family Update

The exciting news for today? Josh finished his J-term class and has all his Spring 2008 classes approved for and is allowed to graduate from Boyce in May! We are very excited!
I am fully recovered from my 24 hour bug I had last weekend and my morning sickness is slowly (and hopefully) going away. I will be at 13 weeks this Sunday.
Hannah is on the go! She is crawling around EVERYWHERE. Her favorite thing? To chase the cats. They manage to stay just out of her reach unless I help her pin one of them in the corner. Hannah usually gets a few squeals and pats before they escape. Her top two teeth are breaking in and she is using them to knaw on everything! She is eating small pieces of chicken, hamburger, potatoes, and veggies. She is really enjoying a wider selection of food and will eat more of it if she thinks it is coming off my plate.

Please continue to pray for our family. Pray for my pregnancy to continue and for the baby to keep growing everyday. Love to all!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Doctor Appointment Today

I am happy and blessed to report that our baby is alive and healthy! The doctor felt around and said everything looked like it was growing right on schedule. We also were able to hear the heartbeat. It was so steady and strong. Thank you all for your prayers.
Please continue to pray for me and the baby growing inside me. I will stop my hormone pills on Sunday as I will be at the 12 week mark and the placenta will take over keeping the baby alive. Please pray for a continued heartbeat and that the baby would continue to get bigger and stronger.


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