Tuesday, September 30, 2008

11 Weeks Old!

Andrew is 11 weeks old this week and such a joy! He now sits happily in his bouncy seat in the kitchen while I clean or prepare meals. Then, when I lean down and say "hi" to him he gives me such a big smile and coos and aahs. I LOVE IT!

He has also started sleeping 12 hours through the night!!!!!! Amazing! He now sleeps in his crib upstairs with Hannah and when he wakes up in the morning he happily lays there sucking his little thumb until I come get him. Here is a picture of my cubby little man...

Here is Hannah eating her peanut butter sandwhich for dinner. (She really just loves the PB!)

And I finally captured a great smile on camera! Yeah!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Promised Pictures

Here are our pictures in no paticular order...
When I took Drew for his two month checkup the doctor told me I could start feeding him rice cereal two times a day to help him get more full and drink a little less formula (7oz a feeding!!).
Here is a cute picture of Drew with rice cereal all over his face. He is a good eater. Don't ask me why, but for some reason he was not wearing a bib this feeding.

I was able to capture a smile today. I know it is a little off center, but if he sees me with the camera in hand he will NOT smile. =)

Here is another cute expression...

Another cute smile from the other day.

Here is Grandma with Hannah and Andrew. We loved having her visit and wish she could have stayed longer!

Hannah wearing her new cute outfit and shoes from Grandma and Grandpa. We were fixing to run to the store and Grandma snapped this cute photo.

Hannah with Daddy's hat on and talking on Grandma's cell phone. SO CUTE!

I also got my hair cut while Josh's mom was here. She took this picture of me while we were eating at Red Robin (which we just got and now love!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 Months

I took Drew for his two month checkup this week and he weighed 14 pounds 4 ounces!! I couldn't believe how big my little man had grown. He was 50 percentile for height and 95 percentile for weight! The poor little guy also got six shots in his legs. The good news is he can go in the nursery on Sunday and I can sit through sunday school and the church service without worrying about a fussy baby.

Josh's Mom came for a visit this week too. We enjoyed having her visit and were sad to see her go back home this morning.

Pictures to come!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Pictures

Here is the fallen limb in our backyard. The tree on our squashed fence. (not really our fence, our neighbors)
It is almost flattened to the ground.
It took Josh quite awhile to cut up all the logs and branches. At first I thought we had the most damage on our street, but others had their houses hit and we are still the only house on our street with power. We are blessed! And the seminary has cancelled classes for all week so we are enjoying the extra time with him.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Winds up to 60 miles an hour hit yesterday. Power went out during our church service and when we were on our way home we could really tell the wind was picking up. When we arrived home there was a HUGE limb and many small branches down. The huge limb hit the chain-link fence between our house and our new neighbors. While we were looking at the damage in the backyard, Hannah almost blew away!
Today I tried to take Andrew to his doctor appointment, but the office was closed so he didn't get weighed or get his shots. =( I'll have to try and call later on this week to reschedule.
When I got back home Josh, Hannah, and I worked in the yard removing the branches and the huge limb. (while Andrew slept safely inside) Thankfully it is like 65 degrees outside and there is a slight breeze. It was great for doing yardwork.
Another HUGE BLESSING is that we have power (electricity)! We are the only house on our street. I believe half of the city is without power and the news report is saying it will take 10-14 days to restore power. Once again, we are SO BLESSED to have power!!
Schools have been closed today and tomorrow and hopefully Seminary will be closed to so we have have Josh at home.
More updates and pictures of the storm soon...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Brother and Sister

Fun pictures from the past couple of days. Enjoy!!
Andrew sitting up on Daddy.

Smiley Hannah in her cute Gators outfit.

Hannah likes to "hold" Andrew. She gives him a big kiss and just smiles. We do this about 10 times in a row every day. =)

Here was our attempt to let Hannah "hold" Drew more on her own. She didn't understand why her hands should be under him. hee hee

First almost smile caught on camera!!

Here we are getting close again with the smile. It looks bigger in person but the camera never gets to it quite in time.

Friday, September 05, 2008

6 Quirks

I was tagged by my friend Vivian to list 6 quirks. I really couldn't think of any until I started reading other blogs with lists and then they all started coming back. I guess we should really ask our husbands to list their wife's quirks. They could some up with many!

1. I am super picky about the cleanliness of my pillow. It cannot touch the ground, or anything dirty, and I wash my pillow case several times in between bed sheet changes.

2. My house is not clean unless my kitchen mainly countertops and stove, are clean.

3. I do not like outside shoes to "walk" around the house. They are only allowed the in mud room. (thus the name)

4. I don't feel organized unless all our purchases are written down in the checkbook, bills are paid, and the checkbook is balanced. Whew!

5. I can't stand to do badly at a video game (on the Wii) when I have aced it previously. I have to restart the game before it finishes and try again.

6. My cell phone has to be on and by myside 24/7. Seriously.

Okay, there you go. I will add on the end that if you look at my blog lists you can see that I also like to keep up with everyone's business by reading blogs and to keep it all organized I list them all on our blog.

Not too much news on the home front except to say our whole family has one big cold. Andrew even has sounded stuffy and coughs once in awhile. Poor little guy. Hopefully we will all get over this soon. I don't like sharing germs.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


My Andrew slept through the night last night!! Hannah on the other hand didn't give us that luxury. Hannah had a rough night last night for some reason woke several times crying in the night, but my sweet baby boy slept from 10pm to 7am!! I am so proud of him!! I am not getting my hopes up for tonight just in case this was a one time deal, but I hope one day soon it is a nightly routine.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cute Video

Andrew turned 7 weeks old on Sunday and Hannah turned 18 months old this past Thursday. Friday Hannah had a doctor appointment and weighed 21 1/2 pounds. She got two shots and was a good sport. Thankfully Josh was with me with both kiddos to help.
Hannah has a new "trick"... if she hears a song she doesn't like she plugs her ears... so cute!
My cute little man in his bouncy seat. He LOVES the ceiling fan and light. Today it kept him occupied for one hour while I folded and put away laundry. I gave him a bath today and so notice his hair is all soft and fluffy and baby smelling good. =)

I got Hannah to sit still long enough yesterday to paint her "piggy toes" a cute shade of pink. I thought they looked super cute!!

Took this today and thought you would enjoy it!


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