Monday, March 30, 2009

We are planning...

Josh and I have finalized our plans for our trip and are leaving THIS SUNDAY, April 5th for our AWESOME TWO WEEK VACATION! It has been a super long time since Josh has had off two weeks in a row. We are very excited.

Our first stop is Hartselle, AL where we will spend Sunday and some of Monday with my Aunt and Uncle and their family.

We next will head down to Jacksonville, FL for the rest of the two weeks. Our plans include, AJ and Anna's wedding, the Blue and Orange Gator Game, and sharing chocolate with family. Hannah and Andrew will enjoy meeting some new relatives (my Aunt and Uncle visiting from Australia) and being spoiled by grandparents and great grandparents!

We will update you on our vacation throughout. Until then...

We love you and can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Pictures

Sweet smile.

Brother and sister

Look out Tim Tebow!

Andrew's first teeth, and a super sweet smile. Oh my baby boy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brave Little Girl

Our Hannah is so brave! Or should I save dare-devil?

I caught her trying to stand on her head while standing on the COUCH. Oh my. Actually, I think she was trying to do a forward roll. Maybe we should try a gymnastics class?

On Saturday she fell and hit her teeth... after a trip to Kosair Children's ER (she is fine) we feel a little "broken in" to the parenting emergencies (first trip to the ER!).

How it all started:
Once she finally went down the big tube slide at the playplace in Chick-fil-A there has been no going back!
Two weeks ago, we went to an indoor children's play gym with lots of big toys and a huge tube/play system with big slide. All the other little girls (and boys) her age were not even interested in looking at the "big kid" play area, but Hannah insisted on going up with all the big kids and sliding down that huge slide! Now there is a downside, Hannah has short legs! Poor little gal she can barely climb the stepping blocks to get to the top of the huge slides/tubes, but she is persistent.
Today we went to the park and Hannah ran right up to the play equipment and went down the big curly slide all by herself. I usually try and "catch" her because she comes down super fast. One of the times she didn't wait for me and I was tending to Andrew. She came sliding down the slide... SIDEWAYS and kaboom off the edge of the slide into the mulch. She looked very shocked that she had hit the ground, or maybe that it wasn't as soft to land into as Mommy's arms. I thought she might not want to do the slide again, but once I cleaned her off (she does not like dirty hands or clothes!) she was up on the top of the slide again.
I know Hannah and Andrew are going to have the best of times together once Andrew can walk!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Cute Stuff

Hannah likes to act like Mommy. She wants to help cook, drive, hold and rock Drew, etc. Here are some cute examples.

We are driving to the store:
Hannah: Mommy
Me: Yes, Hannah
Hannah: I drive now.
Me: No, Mommys is driving the car.
Hannah: No, I drive car!

Drew had woke up from his nap and was fussing:
Hannah: Mommy... Drew wake!
Me: Yes, I hear him.
Hannah: Me get him. Drew milk!

Today while playing with her baby doll:
Hannah: No cry baby!
Hannah: No hit Drew!
(turns doll over to give her a spank)
Hannah: No hit!

(This lets me know she knows if she hits or does wrong she gets a spank. She IS getting it.)

Her latest craze is playing with "pee-kas". What is "pee-kas" you ask? Coupons! I don't know how she came up with that word for them. Hannah sees Mommy clipping and organizing coupons and she wants to be just like me. I give her expired or unused coupons and she loves it.

Hannah's 2nd Birthday!

Our "baby" Hannah turned two on Saturday!! We went to get her out of bed by singing Happy Birthday to you!

Hannah's surprise opening her Hannah Montana blanket from Great Grandma Dot.

Hannah opening her presents from GG.

We ate a Chick-fil-A for lunch and met Uncle Wade there. He gave Hannah a talking Cookie Monster. We invited Mary Grace to eat and play too. She came with her Daddy.

Hannah opening her Cookie Monster from Uncle Wade.

The SUPER YUMMY Dove Cupcakes (from our cupcake kit).

Hannah eating a YUMMY cupcake.

Mary Grace enjoying her cupcake.

Andrew wishing he could eat a cupcake. :)

After we ate our lunch Hannah and Mary Grace played in the indoor playground. Hannah went down for the big slide for the first time! She loved it and went again and again and again.

Hannah talking on her super cool phone from Grandma and Grandma.

Hannah opening her present from Mommy and Daddy.

Hannah enjoying her present from Great Aunt Sharon (aka TayTay) and family.

Daddy and Hannah blowing out candles.

Mommy and Hannah with the cake. Right after the picture was taken Hannah lunged for the candles and I almost dropped the cake (with candles lit) on the sofa!

Thank you everyone for sending Hannah cards, presents, or calling on her birthday. Uncle Steven asked Hannah what she got for her birthday, "PRESENTS!" she yelled. Oh she loves to get mail.


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