Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pet Peeve

Okay so when Hannah has been sick I haven't taken her to church and put her in the nursery because I didn't want her to pass along her germs to any of the other babies...
Well, today I went to pick up Hannah from her class and there was a Dad there (dropping off his baby) telling the nursery worker about how the child was sick and the flem she was coughing up and it was okay just to collect it in a napkin and toss it away. Then he asked the worker if she had any children. She said no and he said, "Well this will be good practice for you taking care of a sick baby."
I could not believe it! They looked over at me and gave me a strange look. I must have been staring with my mouth wide open. I did all I could to restrain myself from fussing at them. I was just super glad that I was picking Hannah up and she was only spending a minute in the same room with the sick child of the inconsiderate parents.
Whew! Hannah starting coughing some today... I hope she is not getting sick again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


That's right! I felt Hannah's bottom gums yesterday and I felt 2 teeth coming through! (maybe even 3, but I haven't gotten a good look yet) I was so excited more than I ever thought I would be over teeth! Hannah's little friends (even the ones who are younger than her) all have at least one tooth and I kept wondering why Hannah hadn't gotten any yet. So, the little teeth I feel coming through have been why she has been a little fussy and not quite her smiley self. I'm so excited and if I happen to get a good picture I will post!
Does anyone know how long before the white stumps peaking through the gums will be "full grown" teeth?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our New Highchair!

Grandma and Grandpa bought Hannah and new highchair while they were here. Here is Hannah enjoying one of her first meals in the highchair...

Fun at Cheddars

We went out to eat with Josh's parents Friday night and for the first time Hannah sat in a big kid high chair. (we don't get out to eat that often) She did really well and enjoyed playing and eating the menu most of the time. =)Here is Hannah sitting in the high chair. She looks happy to be up at the table.
This is her serious look. I really think she wants to know what the words say!

Here is Hannah again, I think she likes eating and hitting the menu more than reading it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting Better

Hannah is getting better slowly but surely. She is still getting her medicines 3 times a day. Her runny nose is almost better, but she is still stuffy at times. Thankfully so far I really haven't gotten sick.
Right now we are waiting on Josh's parents to arrive. They are about 2 hours away! Hannah is taking her nap and hopefully will be a smiley and happy girl when they get here. (and isn't scared of the "strangers") Even if she is she should get over it pretty quickly. She is such a happy and easy going baby!
Work is going good for me. I have the rest of the week off since Josh's parents are coming in town. Josh was also able to get off work so that is great for him. He has been keeping up with school and I am proud of him!
I think that is our lives for now. We'll have to update later with some pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's visit.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are sick...

Well, after almost a week of a runny nose for Hannah I called the doctor for the second time. They asked us to come in and after examing her, prescribed a antibiotic to help clear up her runny nose. When the doctor looked into her throat he saw blisters that he believed to be the Coxsackie virus. Also known as the hand-foot-and mouth disease. The good news is that Hannah has a mild case with only small blisters in her mouth but this explains why she calmed down at night when I Tylenol! So Hannah is on Tylenol Cold medicine for the pain and runny nose and a antibiotic to help clean up the infection. Josh, has had a sore throat for over a week and after looking in his mouth I think he might have caught Hannah's virus. I am feeling a little on the bad side of the weather, but I really need to hold the family up right now! Whew!
Pray for us and a fast recovery. (and that sweet Charlotte does not have the hand-foot-and mouth disease)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hannah Story

Yesterday Josh and I were eating some fruit puree and ice snack. Hannah kept staring at us smaking her lips. I decided to give her some. As I gave it to her, I said, "Yummmmmmm" (I usually say this everytime I feed her a spoonful of food.) The next time I gave her another spoonful, she said "MMMMMMMM". It was so cute! She even said it today while she was eating her lunch. I know this doesn't really count as a word, but I think she knows what she is saying!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Hannah's Favorite Game

Where's Hannah??

Where did Hannah go?

There she is! Peek-a-boo!!
Normally this is followed by a big smile, but today she was being serious.
Below should be a video of Hannah playing peek-a-boo at Charlotte's house. (you can hear her in the background) I have uploaded another video to YouTube that should be ready to view in the next 24 hours.

Hannah's New Friend

I have started watching a 3 month old girl on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mid-October it will go to 3 to 4 days a week. Her name is Charlotte and she is a very good baby. She loves her bouncy and swing (like Hannah did) and is a good sleeper. Hannah and Charlotte like to look at each other and smile. Hannah is the "big girl" and loves "helping" Mommy by being good while I feed or take care of Charlotte. Here is a picture of Char.


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