Monday, August 16, 2010

1,000 Gifts : Celebrating this Week

71. Good naps from the kiddos so I could finish painting the garage

72. A husband that planned a cruise for us
73. The cruise is THIS week!
74. 6 days to spend with my hubby :)
75. My mother-in-law who is watching the kiddos while we go on the cruise
76. A van to get us to Jacksonville
77. The 7 years we have been married
78. The exciting future ahead
79. That Josh and I get to do it together
80. And with the 3 kiddos God has blessed us with
81. A working washing machine
82. And dryer
83. At my house
84. The plethora of clothes for each family member
85. Figuring out a new function of my earphones
86. A slightly cooler day / night
87. A part time (babysitting) job for me
88. And a new friend for Hannah to play with
89. The strength God gives me to care for 5 kiddos 3 & under
90. That Josh will be home part of the time to help me each week
91. Veggie Tales DVD's in the mail from my Aunt
92. The Bible songs CD that came in the mail today
93. Seeing the kids faces light up where they hear a familiar Bible song playing :)
94. Hearing Andrew say new words, and beginning to form sentences
95. Teaching my kids the scripture
96. A quiet moment to be able to document and reflect on all the things I am thankful for
97. A good scrabble match
98. Plenty of pennies to throw into the fountain (at the mall)
99. Free Chick-fil-A texts on Friday
100. Stress free outings with the kids

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've posted a few new entries tonight, so scroll down to enjoy the pictures!!
Here are a few random ones I wanted to add as well.

Micah is starting to enjoy the exosaucer! He still gets a little scared if Andrew comes put and starts playing noisily with the toys on there. I can't believe my little baby boy will be 5 months old tomorrow!!!!

I'm gonna have this crazy crew 3 days a week!! (from right) Carson, Hannah, Micah, Andrew, and Sawyer!! Five kiddos ages 5 months to 3! :)

Family picnic after church one week… we were waiting on the Krispy Kreme family opening.

Me and Andrew while at the family reunion in South Caroline. I don't even remember getting this picture taken, but I like it.

And finally…

Micah! Such a funny angle and face. :) Micah is full of life, smiles, giggles, and sweetness!! :)

Faces of Micah

As captured by Josh :)

Creation Museum New Pictures

Some new pictures from Josh's phone. :)

Andrew looking at the turtles.

Josh and Andrew

Kind of in the middle but I wanted to post. :) Kids riding on Uncle Steven (horsey)'s back.

Walking through the Genesis 1 exhibit. (notice Andrew's face is the only blurry thing!? That boy has the hardest time keeping still!)

In the "final Adam" movie theater… Micah was hungry!

Josh feeding a horse/zebra. Can't remember what they call it.

In the "Ark" exhibit. This was close to one of my favorite parts. You feel like you are walking through the ark construction! :)

In the creation video part of the tour. LOVE Hannah's face here. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kroger run

I hit Kroger again today and got some awesome deals!!!

I got:
8 Sobe Lifewater
4 V8 Fusion bottles
3 chocolate milk
1 gallon whole milk
1 bottle Juicy Juice
1 dozen eggs - free
1 Ruffles chips - free
2 Toaster Strudel
2 Smart Balance butter

Saved $42
Spent only $14!!!

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Creation Museum

Ok, so here are some of the Creation Museum/Cincinnati Trip pictures. Josh has some much better pictures on his phone, but hasn't loaded on the computer yet!

Laura and Hanna in the Garden of Eden (standing in the "sunlight") :)

(hot) Hannah, but enjoying feeding the sheep and goats!

Me and Micah
We were somewhere in the museum, just not sure where. He was just enjoying riding around in the Moby wrap!

Feeding the animals

And here is one of Hannah and Andrew playing in a kiddy bed at the Ikea store. I'll have to get my hands on Josh's phone to publish some more pictures!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Family: 1,000 Gifts

52. My brother Steven

53. My sister-in-law Laura
54. Quality time with family
55. Watching my kids wrestle with their Uncle Steven
56. Watching my kids laugh and play with their Aunt Laura
57. Having help on projects
58. New siding on our garage!!
59. Family road trips that go smoothly
60. Great clothing deals at the GAP clearance store
61. The Creation Museum, and all that they stand for
62. Being reminded how big and smart God is
63. For my salvation
64. Our church family
65. A good chuckle during (church) business meeting
66. Sweet picnic with my boys
67. Micah's funny face after trying apple sauce for the first time
68. FaceTime with Josh
69. Andrew's expanding vocabulary
70. Josh giving Micah a bath so I can put my feet up for a few minutes :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


The Tillman's have been having lots of fun this summer. We just got done having a visit with Steven and Laura. We had a blast!! :) The kids loved seeing their aunt and uncle.
I'll have to post pictures of their visit another day.

Here is a cute picture of Micah in a Gator outfit. :) Micah has also found his feet this month, and has also started eating rice cereal. He doesn't really like it. :)

Hannah and Andrew have been playing together better and better. Andrew landed a visit to the ER by getting his hand caught in the sliding van door. Thankfully nothing was broken!!
Here is a picture of the kids living it up in the ER room. The nurses brought them juice, toys, coloring pages, and even put on CARS movie for them.

Josh and I have been busy starting our new rolls in the church. I have taken over SS attendance and rolls along with a few other things. Josh has been working on music and leading it himself on Sunday nights! I am proud of him.

We have also (thanks to the help of Steven and Laura!!) re-sided our garage!! It looks SO much better now, but we have to brave the heat again and paint it. Pictures of that to come soon!! :)


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