Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas from Jacksonville!

Merry Christmas from warm Jacksonville, FL!

It has been a few years since we were in Jacksonville for Christmas Day. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Hannah LOVED opening presents! She opened all of her own and some of Andrew's and anyone else who would let her "help" open theirs too.

Hannah got lots of fun toys, babies, baby bottles, a doll house, another toy house, and lots of clothes. Andrew got some toys too, and is sharing them with Hannah until he is big enough to take them back from her! =)

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Here are a few pictures to tie you over until we get back to Louisville.

Daddy and both kiddos
Mommy and sweet Andrew

Hannah opening a present...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Making cookies with the kids. Hannah was SO happy to be close enough to the bowl to eat cookie dough. Andrew was not so happy. He couldn't eat any.
I attempted to get some Christmas pictures on the couch but it did NOT work. Here is Hannah playing with my Christmas mice that sing.

I may have posted this super cute picture of my sweet boy in his "Precious Gift" Christmas bib, but here it is again. I love this smile!

Mommy can we open the box with the Christmas tree?

Coloring by the tree. I decorated it very minimal this year because this is the first year that Hannah has been interested in the tree and all the "balls" on the tree!

Andrew loves sitting in his bumbo now!

Yummy cookies and icing!

Picture Tag

So I was tagged by Viv to pick the 4th folder of where I store pictures and pick the 4th photo in that folder. Then explain.
This is my mother-in-law (AKA Grandma) with her two FAVORITE grandkids! This was the first time she met Andrew.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Times with Family

These few blog posts are going to be picture heavy, but I'm sure you all don't mind!
Here is me, Hannah, Andrew, and Gloria on the swing outside the house. Hannah called Gloria "Glory". So cute!

Hannah loved Grace (in the red hair who is holding Hannah) and would call her "cray".

While in Alabama, we attended Tom and Lynne's wedding. Tom is my Dad's youngest cousin and Lynne is the one who is marrying into all this craziness! I don't have a picture of the happy couple, but I do have this family picture. First one since Drew was born!

Here is Poppy and Hannah. He is letting her eat a peppermint oreo (SO YUM-O!!) and she has crumbs on her hand that shouldn't be there. hee hee.

This was Uncle Steven's first time to meet baby Andrew.

Andrew had met Aunt Laura before, but this was the first picture we got of them together.

Andrew got to meet Uncle Jon too!

Thanksgiving Pictures

We had a great time in Alabama with family. Andrew enjoyed all the entertainment of all the bigger kids and Hannah LOVED playing outside with her cousins no matter how cold it was. She would even pick to go outside over coloring!!

My sweet Andrew with his turkey bib on. I just love those big blue eyes.

We went to go see the huge Christmas light display at the botanical gardens in Huntsville. This was Hannah's expression the whole time. She was just in awe of all the lights.

On Monday night while we were there Aunt Sharon and I had a chocolate tasting party. It was great with 14 ladies in attendance. Lots of chocolate was eated and the party was a huge success.

Hannah LOVED the cat. She would wake up in the morning and say "MEOW" about 10 times until someone would let the cat in for her to play with.

Aunt Sharon had so much fun with Hannah and Andrew.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Coming!

My update on Thanksgiving and Christmas details etc are coming. Being out of town for over a week and no good internet connection can leave you feeling really behind. When I get the house in order you will hear from me again...


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