Tuesday, November 28, 2006

26 Weeks

Here I am at 6 months! This week I start my 3rd trimester - which is just so crazy. It seemed like it took forever to get into my 2nd trimester and now I have flown into my 3rd already. I only have 14 weeks to go until I meet my Hannah!! Maybe less! I went to the doctor yesterday. I had to see a different one again - this doctor was really nice and answered all my questions. After talking with her about some weird throat symptoms I have been having she thinks I have acid reflux. It is safe for me to take Pepcid AC, so when I get my symptoms again I am to take that to see if it helps... hopefully!
Thanksgiving was lots of fun. We had a great time in Northern Alabama with family. We brought home strapped to our car a single bed and a dishwasher. It was quite a sight. We made it home fine and everything is in one piece. We set up the bed in Hannah's room for company and overnight visitors when she is born.
I do go back on December 14 for my diabetes test and another ultrasound. I am excited to have another ultrasound and see more pictures of Hannah. Please pray for sweet baby girl that she would continue to grow healthy and strong, and that her heart would continue to beat.
Exciting times are on their way!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

25 Weeks

Hannah will get to experience Thanksgiving dinner this year but only from inside Mommy's womb. She loves it when I eat. Shortly after I eat food or snacks she starting wiggling around as to say, "Thanks for the food! Now I have energy." =) According to research I have done Hannah now weighs about 1 lb and 9 oz and getting bigger everyday. I will rub my tummy and talk to her in quiet moments at home or when I am driving. Next Monday afternoon I will have a monthly checkup. I am hoping at this next appointment to get an ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks later and also my diabetes tests. (This is supposed to be done about 28 weeks) More updates next week! Happy Turkey Day!

Monday, November 13, 2006

24 Weeks

Week 24! There is not much new going on here. Hannah has been kicking more often and stronger, but not strong enough for Josh to feel yet. He had his hand on my belly when she kicked twice and I asked him, "Did you feel that?" He said he couldn't feel it, so we will wait! My belly is getting bigger, and I will have to post a 5 month picture soon. Hopefully before Christmas I can also post more pictures of Hannah!! We'll have to see when the doctor schedules me for another ultrasound. They will have to check on the location of the placenta.
Please continue to pray for me, that I will not worry so much about my baby girl. There are so many changes going on with my body I never know what is "normal"!
Please pray for Hannah, that she would continue to grow strong and all her organs would develop correctly and in the right location. Also pray her heart would continue beating strong.

Monday, November 06, 2006

23 Weeks

Last Tuesday I turned 24... man how I am getting old! I had a good birthday. Josh and I had errands to run and then went out to dinner with my brother Wade and his girl friend Jennifer. Overall it was a good day and I enjoyed having it off from normal work.
Miss Hannah is doing great. She is kicking more and more everyday. Sometimes quite hard! Josh still hasn't been able to feel her yet, but mainly just because she never kicks in the same spot long enough for me to get Josh over to feel. He is being patient to feel her kicking.
We went and got some pink curtains for her bedroom, also the pink paint to do some accent daisy type flowers on the walls. The room is already getting filled with baby stuff and I love passing by her room. I can't wait until she is in there!! =)
Not much else going on here. Josh has about 3 more weeks of school and both he and I can't wait until he is done!


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