Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cute Pics

My thumb sucker!
Daddy's hat on Hannah.

Mommy's helper making monkey bread.

Sweet smiley boy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back in Louisville

Last Saturday Josh and I were in Gainesville at the UF Blue and Orage game. It was fun hanging out on alittle "date" and being around Gator fans.

Tomorrow marks a week back in Louisville since our vacation. Since being back we have settled into our old routine of good naps and sleeping. :)

Andrew had his 9 month checkup this week and weighed in at 19lbs 10oz which is in the 50 percentile. Perfect! He has started scooting this week to get himself around. This looks like a cross between and inch worm and a flopping fish out of water! So cute!
Andrew making it into the kitchen!

Okay Mommy, I've made it into the kitchen, pick me up!

Hannah has started saying "I scared!" to EVERYTHING. The door creeks, she runs to me yelling, "I scared!". I go to put her to bed and she screams in the dark, "I scared!!! Cows!! I scared!!" Why I ask you, are cows so scary? I don't know. She has also become a very clean concious. After we come in from playing outside she takes off her shoes, looks at the bottom of her feet, and says, "Feet dirty, there is dirt!" She is not happy until we wash her feet in the tub. Oh my!

Josh and I are back to work. Although I do have to say my job with the kids and Dove Chocolate is much more fun. :)

Until next time....

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beach

We had fun at the beach while visiting Jacksonville. Hannah liked watching the sand, water, and birds while she was being held, but screamed as soon as we put her down.

Andrew look all the sights and sounds of the beach. He didn't seem to mind putting his toes in the water and sand. I loke this picture!

Here is Andrew sitting in his stroller on the beach. He was such a good little boy to sit in his stroller while Hannah and I built a sand castle.

FINALLY we got Hannah to walk along the edge of the water and walk in the waves. She enjoyed this, but did not want the dry sand on her feet. What I am going to do with my clean little girl? =)

Andrew crashed on the way back to GG's house. Sweet little guy enjoyed his first trip to the beach.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacksonville Visit

Some trip pictures in random order...
Hannah and Grandma eating Chinese food! Yummy!
Mommy and her sweet boy Andrew in his Easter outfit.

Hannah on the hunt for Easter Eggs.

Us with AJ and Anna at their wedding this past Saturday.

Poppy (my Dad) with Hanah and Andrew.

Great Grandma Dot with Andrew.

GG (Lesta) and Andrew.

We are having a good time and the kids are finally settling down into a sleep pattern. After the Blue and Orange Gator game on Saturday we are headed back to Louisville.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life in Jacksonville

We are here in Jacksonville! We have been here for almost a week but I am just now getting around to updating everything. I'll have to post pictures soon too.
We have had a pretty good trip so far. AJ and Anna got married yesterday and their wedding was beautiful. We had a good time "helping" them celebrate their special day.
So far we have just been hanging out with family and been trying to take more pictures.
Hannah and Andrew are adjusting to sleeping in the pack'n play cribs but Andrew is still waking up at least one time each night for love and a snack. I'm hoping to get more sleep soon!

On a side note: I am thinking of planning a park morning (at the Cuba Hunter Park here near my Dad's house) some morning this next week. Does anyone want to meet me there?? Post a comment and we'll try and catch up. I'm going to post a FB message too!

All in all I am just enjoying the WARM weather!! :)


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