Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Pictures

My Grandma Lesta came for a visit. Here are a few pictures. Also, Chick-fil-A had a Super Hero and Princess Night that we went to. Wade was the cow, Hannah was a princess, and Andrew was a super hero, although, I am still not sure what kind!

Princess Hannah
Super Hero family members!

Eating breakfast together before GG leaves for the airport.

GG with Hannah and Andrew

GG and Andrew

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Pictures - LOTS OF THEM!

So I have been lazy the past two weeks in uploading pictures for our family far far away and now they will be happy with me again because I have uploaded all these wonderfully cute pictures. Enjoy!

Here is Andrew's first three month picture. Isn't that face so sweet! I wanted to get a full body shot so you could see how big he was, but I was only going to get the package deal (one pose only) and so I had to get this super cute head shot.

Here is me attempting one of the cute poses that was done at the studio... it didn't really work and Andrew looks like a deer in the headlights... =)

Andrew is now big enough for the baby einstein. Hannah is enjoying it more than him right now.

Here is a cute smile for mommy...

This is one of Hannah's new favorite things to do. Strap herself into her highchair. (she also likes doing her carseat too but isn't as good at it. She will strap herself in, ask me to unstrap her so she can do it all over again. I think she did this for almost an hour the other day while I was cleaning the kitchen!!

I LOVE this smile! Now when we get the camera out Hannah says "CHEESE". She is even smiling big enough you can see all her little teeth.

Hannah's other fun thing to do is color. I wish I could write it how she says "color" because it is so cute. She will color a mark or two, gasp and say, "pretty!" and then color some more.

Thank you to Grandma and Great Grandma Dot who bought Hannah this giggling baby and carrier. She carries it all over the house. One of these days I will let her take it with her to Target and I can carry Drew and Hannah can carry her baby. Won't people think we are too cute!

Hannah adjusting her baby...

And she's off again!

A rest...

...and lastly...

Where's Hannah?

There she is!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am a Chocolatier!

"So, Joanna, what do you do?"
"I am a Stay-at-home Mom and also a Chocolatier."
Doesn't that sound cool?

I became a Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries this week and am SO excited to get my chocolate and supplies in the mail.

To see what I will be doing check out my website:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Update

Andrew is now 3 months old! I have enjoyed this past month as Andrew has started sleeping through the night (hooray!), and become more of a happy social baby boy. His face lights up and he gives me the biggest smile when I go in and see him in the morning. He loves snuggling with me and he loves the attention of his big sister Hannah. No doctor visit or shots this month, but at 4 months he will go back again to the doctor.
In case some of you blog readers don't have facebook or haven't caught the latest pics I posted. My brother, Wade, has earned job of Chick-fil-A cow! He came to visit and we took pictures. Enjoy!

Me and Andrew and Wade. I mean, the cow.

All four of us. (notice on Hannah is hanging onto me for dear life, like I am going to let this "random cow" get her or somthing...)

Hannah enjoyed Uncle Wade much better after he took off the suit. She still was leery of this giant cow head sitting on our living room floor.

And here is my sweet baby boy. I just love his cute little face and smile! Oh and those big blue eyes that make my heart melt! And he's a Gator fan!! (but not that he really has a choice)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Funny Video

Here is a funny video of my day...

Click HERE!!


PS for fun count how many times I say "Hannah, be careful!" and leave it as a comment... ha ha

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Florida vs Arkansas Game

We were unable to seel some extra Florida vs Arkansas football tickets we had purchased. Long story shorter Josh and I decided on Thursday that Hannah, Drew, and I would go to the game with Josh, Wade, Matt, and Brad (who were already going)... whew! It was a whirlwind as we prepared to leave packing bags etc and headed out late Friday night. We traveled through the night and got to Arkansas 6:30am Saturday morning. It rained on and off before the game but the actual game was nice weather and no rain! Both kids did well but were ready to crash at halftime. After Josh and I made the hike back to the van I put the kids to sleep in their carseats and drove around until the game was over. The ride back was pretty uneventful as they slept almost the whole time because they were so tired. We made it back safely and Hannah and Drew can now say they have been to a college football game. Here are some pictures to prove it...
Here I am with the sleepy Andrew.

Here is "Uncle" Brad with Hannah. Hannah is wearing her cute pink Gator windbreaker outfit Uncle Steven and Aunt Laura bought her for Christmas last year. Somehow this is the only picture I got of Hannah the whole trip. Thankfully she played with "Unlce" Matt, "Uncle" Brad, and Uncle Wade most of the time, but since she was with them and I had my hands full with Drew I wasn't taking pictures!

Josh with all the baby gear... notice you can see the sky is clearing up!

Sleepy little boy.

The stadium.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sunday Outing

Sunday Josh's work sponsored a family fun day at Joe Huber's Family Farm and Resturant. It was perfect fall weather with a cool breeze and nice and warm in the sunshine. Here is our family by the big pile of pumpkins. You could go on a hayride to a pumpkin patch and get your own, or for slightly less fun you could just pick one from the huge wagon of pumpkins.
Poor Andrew was SO tired and even though I got him out of his carseat he still didn't want to wake up for a picture. =)

Here is our family sitting on a bench by the lake. We got to launch apples and corn husks. Hannah was scared of the noise. Hannah is holding a laffy taffy that she won at the"duck pond" game.

Trying to pick a small pumpkin.

Hannah doesn't seem interested in pumpkins when I hold her.

This is the only picture we have of Wade (he came with us) here I was trying to get Drew out of his carseat for the taking of the top picture.


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