Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Year Update

Josh and I were just talking last night and realized we just finished our first full month (January) living in our new house/new area!  Honestly, it seems like a lot longer!  There are some things I really like about living here, #1 my eat in kitchen! #2 all living space (minus laundry) on same level - love! #3 slowing our life down. most days we stay at home.  #4 walking to church :)  #5 "my" kroger has a starbucks and these cute things for the kiddos:
 cars on the front of the shopping carts and…

Mini shopping carts for my mini me :)

But it has been hard living far away from any friends, 45 minute drive from Kroger/Meijer/Walmart etc and 1 hr drive to Target, and starting all over with ministry at church.  We are still trying to figure out where we "fit" exactly in the community, and how to keep the kiddos busy during the winter months.  Pray for us during the new season of life.  More updates coming soon! :)


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