Friday, April 25, 2008

Teeth, Teeth, and Crying

On Wednesday of this week Hannah started getting fussy. She is normally not a fussy girl at all and happy most of the time. Wednesday night she woke almost every hour even if it was just to let out a howl and go back to sleep. She also had a fever of 100.7 (first fever so far). On Thursday when Hannah woke up from her nap she had sad tired eyes, and was so fussy and clingy I couldn't put her down. She snuggled on me all afternoon and evening and wouldn't hardly eat anything. (but she would drink her water and bottle) I felt around in her mouth and sure enough she has two top molars coming in on one side and two bottom molars coming in on the other side! There might be a few more breaking in I can't feel quite yet, but from all the crying and sad faces I know these teeth are giving her a hard time. Last night she woke only once and actually let us sleep in until 10am!! Today she has been more of her happy self. While I enjoyed the extra cuddle time, I am thankful the crying grumpy days are (hopefully) coming to an end.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Bedrooms

We are getting the new rooms upstairs all set up. Here is Hannah's side of upstairs: We moved everything against the wall to cover the window and also create a play area for Hannah. In the side corner of the room I put her little kitchen with all her play toys.

This is little brother's side. You can see it is not decorated all the way. I still need to put up my sports decals and bring the rocking chair up from downstairs. Also I need to clean off the shelf with the "junk" and possibly change the curtains. Once we decide on a name (again) I will buy letters to hang up too.

Park Pictures

Here are the park pictures I promised to upload. Hannah LOVES to swing!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day at the Park

Hannah has had some fun park visits over the past week now that the weather has gotten warmer. I will have to post our pictures here in the next day or two.

On another note we are now discussing again baby boy names. I have put a poll up on the side column. Please vote/and or leave a comment on you choice and why. This is so hard to decide!!

PS if we name "little brother" Andrew he will be nicknamed "Drew".

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I think this is it...

Little brother is finally going to have a name! If I can get out of the habit of calling him "little brother" it is just so easy when talking about him with Hannah. Okay, are you ready?

Andrew Hudson Tillman
Now, keep in mind we do have the right to change this, but I have been feeling like Andrew Hudson should be our little boys' name. (probably call him Drew most of the time) And last night Josh was just like, we should name him Andrew. I haven't bought the letters for his nursery wall yet, but I am pretty sure I am going to be buying the letters that spell "Andrew". Thought you all should know!!
Hannah is getting much better at walking. She is super cute just trucking around the house. She can get pretty far without falling. She is so smart.
That is about all for now. Josh is on the home stretch with classes, only 3 weeks to finals and 4 weeks until graduation!!!! We are SO excited! Keep on Josh!!
Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for a healthy growing baby boy and for Josh to study and finish up these last 3 weeks of his exams with flying colors.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Videos of Hannah Walking

The first video of Hannah walking.

The second video of Hannah walking!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

First Steps

Well, Hannah finally made her first steps! Hannah has been walking behind her little push cart for the past three months and has become quite a pro at steering around the house. Over the past few days, Hannah has let go of the cart (or couch) and would just stand all by herself. I knew walking was coming shortly. Josh and I have been coaxing her to walk to us or reach for her bear or doll but she would drop to all fours and crawl to us (or make sure she was holding onto something). This morning as we were sitting in the living room Hannah pulled up again and was standing all by herself. Josh held out the bear or Hannah to take and she shuffled three steps to get there!! Josh and I looked at each other and Josh said, "Does this count as her first steps?" Maybe we were expecting fireworks to go off with "Hannah's 1st steps!". We praised Hannah but alas, she did not want to do it again. This afternoon on two more occasions she has taken a set of 3-4 steps to get somewhere she wanted to be. We are so proud of our little girl. I can't really call her my baby anymore. She is growing up so fast!


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