Monday, March 31, 2008

Our New Wheels

Josh and I have been looking for sometime to replace our camry with a vehicle that could transport us, two babies with carseats, and allow other friends or family members to ride with us too. We searched the internet for deals and looked at several minivans at car lots. We almost signed a deal on Friday night but God put a few stops in there and we had to walk away, much to the pushy dealers dismay. It wasn't a minivan that had everything we wanted, but were willing to settle. How I am glad we didn't!! When I came home Friday night I was sad we hadn't gotten the car, but felt there was a reason God did not want it to go through. I began searching again and found this beautiful tan/gold 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. It had the milage we were looking for, features, one owner who had taken good care of it, great price, etc. I came downstairs and said, "I have found the minivan that has everything." Josh began e-mailing the dealer and this morning we went and took a look. It was everything we had hoped. They gave us excellent value for our trade and we signed the papers and drove away! Here is our new van sitting in our driveway. Hannah is strapped in her seat.

She loves to ride facing forward!! When we put her in the carseat to ride home she kept looking at the other seat, I think she thought the sales guy was going to hop in and sit next to her like had been done before. So here we go into family minivan driving territory. I didn't think I'd be driving a minivan... ever!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

Happy Easter Everyone! I can't believe Hannah is celebrating her second Easter! We had a lot of fun today and Hannah looked super cute in her dress and shoes from GG. Here are some pictures from our day.

This picture is Hannah digging into her Easter "basket" she got in the mail from Grandma.
Here is our pretty girl in her Easter outfit complete with a bow and cute new white shoes.
Of course because it was freezing cold today Hannah had to wear a sweater and coat when we went to church...

Such a cute smile!! You can see her cute teeth too.

Hannah eating her chocolate bunny. (don't worry I only let her eat that small part of the ears today)

The end of the photo taking session. Hannah had just gotten out of her chair and really wanted a snack. No more pictures Mommy!
I go to the doctor tomorrow to get a check up on little brother. I know he is still alive and kicking, but I'll get to hear his heartbeat and overall general checkup. No official name decided on yet. We have thought of "Hunter Samuel Tillman" or "Andrew Hudson Tillman" (to go by Drew), or "Hunter Joshua Tillman". We will update you once we decide!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hannah's Favorite Sound

Hannah has been more and more expressive in her verbal communication over the past week. Most of the time I have no idea what she is saying, but she is SO cute trying! Hannah has been able to "bark" like a dog for a few weeks now, but this week has decided that she LOVES ducks. Rubber duckies in paticular! She carried around her duckie all around Target yesterday making "quack quack" noises. (sometimes it sounds like a cross between a quack and a bark) This is her favorite sound to make so far. As far a "real" words, Hannah has started saying "Da-Dee" (Daddy) instead of just da-da, "AYE" (hi), "kitty" (I think that is what she is saying!), ball, and ma-ma. I'm sure there are more, she is like a little sponge soaking in everything everyday. I'm hoping she will take her first steps here in the next coming weeks. Exciting stuff!
Other news here at the house, Josh finished the last of THREE of his correspondence classes he is taking this semester. He originally thought he had until the end of the semester, but got a notice in Feb. that everything for all three classes (which he hadn't started working on yet) were due by March 30th! He really worked hard and finished the last paper for the class this morning. He is a little closer to graduating! He still has to finish the rest of the FIVE courses he is taking including Greek, his biggest challenge. Go Josh!
I have begun feeling "little brother" move around tons. It is so encouraging to know he is alive inside me by feeling him move. We found a crib we really liked and decided to go ahead and purchase it at the good price we found. It is all set up now and waiting for him! (except we still need a mattress) I go for another dr appointment next Monday and we will get to hear the heartbeat again and just get a normal checkup. Pray that everything is well.
More news and pics to come!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This pregnancy has been a different journey for me. When I was pregnant with Hannah I had to go to a set job with set hours but mostly sat at my desk all day. With Hannah "running" around and keeping house (and getting to take naps if I need to) has been great, but different. They say every pregnancy is different and I am finding it very true. I haven't had as much morning sickness this pregnancy which has been really nice, although I did get sick the other day... It does seem to be sticking around when I have an empty stomach. This time around I feel like my belly is taking forever to pooch out (I'll have to take a picture sometime soon.) and sometimes I catch myself not really "feeling pregnant". (With Hannah it was on my mind CONSTANTLY!) Also, when pregnant with Hannah I don't remember having any weird cravings. I liked eating salty and spicey stuff then, but now I just gobble up chocolate, ice cream, and ritz with pb and j! The other night about 3am I woke up feeling STARVED. My stomach was hurting I was so hungry, but I didn't want to get out of bed. I ended up falling asleep and dreaming of pretzles and coke! When I woke about 30 minutes later I HAD to get up and find my pretzles and coke. I stood in the kitchen and stuffed my face with pretzles for about 5 minutes, washed it down with some cherry coke (thankfully we had both of these things on hand otherwise we might have made a grocery store run!) and got back into bed happy and able to sleep. The next day Josh asks, why are there pretzles and cherry coke out on the counter? Hee hee hee! I guess this wasn't a really weird craving, just at a weird time of day.
Little brother seems to be doing well. He has been moving a lot - I don't remember feeling these strong kicks so early on before. Please keep praying he will be born a healthy baby boy!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Here are the promised snow pictures! Last night and this morning the snow just kept falling. When Hannah woke up from her morning nap we just had to go outside and play. Hannah had on tights, warm jeans, a turtleneck sweater, jacket, plus a snow hat and hood. Also, I forgot where her gloves were, so we used some warm socks for gloves. Hannah thought it was funny to wear them on her hands. I was glad, I thought she might get mad and pull them off right away. She was a great sport and let me get her all bundled up warm!

Hannah sat in her stroller and watched us start to make the snowman (and dig the cars out). When big gust of wind came along (wind chill 8 degrees) she would laugh and giggle. I'm sure she wondered what we were doing. (Hannah is still scared to touch snow. I am still trying to figure out why!)

We did not accomplish the snowman in one go. After awhile we didn't want Hannah to be in the cold any longer so went inside for lunch and a break. When Hannah went down for her afternoon nap Josh and I finished the snowman. Here is Josh with our handywork!

Here is pregnant me with our snowman. (and Josh's Gator cap)

Here is a close up of our snowman head. We used dirty white rocks for eyes, Josh's screwdriver for a nose, broken stick pieces for a smile, sticks for arms, and my scarf for clothes. All in all I think he was pretty cute!!

Here is our self portrait after the tiring event of snowman making. Also, I would like to add, Josh had been up for over 48 hours working on Greek. God bless my husband!!


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