Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kids playing grocery store!

Andrew checking out and trying to protect his stuff.

Hannah realizing I was taking her picture!

Hannah checking out and Andrew waiting in line! :) Sawyer under foot trying to eat what he can.

Hannah and Carson

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Micah at 6 months

With Hannah and Andrew I was much better about updating status on doctor visits, and posting weekly and monthly pictures. I guess things do change when you have your third child! That is one of the reasons I started this blog. I have a HUGE resource for finding information of my kiddos. I don't have to drag out baby books, or sort through piles of photos to remember what my kids looked like at 6 months where Micah is now. I enjoy comparing our kids just to remember and see how far they have come, and with Andrew and Micah, you can see how much they look alike!!

Micah had an uneventful 6 month checkup the beginning of last week. He weighed in at 18 pounds 5 ounces! That was 75% for his age!! (Hannah 15lbs 14oz) (Andrew 17lbs 5oz) I believe he was like 27 or 28 inches, but I don't totally remember. I did have two other kiddos in the room with me. :)

Micah 5 months (yeah, I need to get some pictures off my camera!)

Okay, so here are the photos to compare!!

Hannah at 6 months

Andrew at 6 months

In other news, no news on the house front. :( I am really trying not to get disappointed that no one has looked at our house this week. Pray for a quick sale!!

Josh is coming up on his fall break and has surgery planned to get his wisdom teeth taken out. I am still watching Carson and Sawyer and it is going well. Hannah really likes having a friend come over and play three days a week!

I end with a lesson God has been teaching me: I was watching my daughter outside, pitching a fit, stomping her feet and crying over a piece of chalk her brother was holding (which she wanted). I suddenly saw myself as how God must see me, when I become impatient, things do not go the way I planned, and I stomp my feet and fuss. How silly to cry over something so insignificant. Why do I not trust God, as He has the power, control, and authority over my life. Why become upset over what someone else has? As pastor said on Sunday, God is immutable. He is always good. He can never be anything but good, and He is good to us.


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