Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Minimalist Nativity Tutorial

So I had seen a picture on Pinterest of this ADORABLE nativity set plus a Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus set.  Here is my inspiration:

My inspiration from Pinterest
(Original link found on my Christmas Pinterest Board)

So I set out to make a large nativity, a small, medium, and large Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus set.

Here is what I purchased:

From Lowes:
TWO 2x2 boards (size is really 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 when you measure it!) about $5 each

From Hobby Lobby: (all wooden stuff can be found in their wood section)
ONE package of wooden Ball Knobs 1 1/2" (9 count) $3.99
ONE package of wooden Ball Knobs 3/4" (6 count I think) $1.99
ONE package of wooden Dowel Caps 1/4" (20 count) $1.99
ONE package of wooden Spool 1/2" x 1/2" (20 count) $1.99
ONE roll of natural trim twine (15ft) (ribbon section) $1.99
ONE small rectangle wood piece to cut up for Baby Jesus $0.79

Other Supplies: (I had these on hand)
Acrylic paint
Paint Brushes
Wood glue and/or hot glue gun
Scraps of burlap
Scraps of white felt
Sticks (from your yard)
Small piece of wire (for angel wings)
Piece of sand paper

I do not have any pictures of my work in progress, but if you have any questions just ask!

1.) Measure the 2x2 boards (each board was 36" long)
In no order I measured and drew lines on my boards before heading outside to cut them.  I also wrote on each section of the board the name of the figure it was going to be. (does that make sense?)
Mary 5 1/4" - need 2
Joseph 6" - need 2

Wise Man 6"
Wise Man 4 1/2"
Wise Man 7 1/2"

Shepard 6 1/2"
Shepard 5 1/2"

Sheep 1 1/2"
Sheep 1 1/2"

Angel 8"

board for Baby Jesus 3 x 1 3/4" - need two

(I had about 7" of scrap left over so you have a little wiggle room if you want to make more sheep or mess up a cut.)

2) Sand and the rough edges.

3) Paint each base square figure the desired color.  Paint the ball knobs (both sizes) a tan/skin color.  Paint two dowel caps white, two tan/skin color.  Paint 3 spools (if you desire them painted)

4) Use wood glue (or hot glue gun) to glue one large head to each square base.  Glue one small ball knob onto the Baby Jesus board.  Glue one small ball knob onto the front of each sheep, and a dowel cap on the other end for tail.

5)  Distress all pieces as desired with sandpaper.

6)Accessories:  Cut your twine 18" long for each wise man, shepherd, and angel.  Wise man twine goes through spool and around body twice.  Shepherd twine goes around twice and holds the stick in place.  Angel twine makes an X pattern on body.  Shape a small piece of wire for angel wings and hot glue to back.  Mary's head wrap:  trace half a of a bowl onto burlap (I used a 7" bowl) Fold and glue around her head/body so it will somewhat lay flat (see after pictures)

7) Glue Mary, Joseph together.  Then glue on Baby Jesus and use a 30" piece of twine to wrap around them twice and tie.

When you are done you should have one full nativity AND one Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus set!

If you want to make the mini versions you need to add

ONE package of wooden "man" (8 count)
ONE package of wooden "boy" (6 count)

to your shopping list.  Both can be found in the wood aisle at Hobby Lobby with the other items.

Here is my finished product:  (Tree was bought at Hobby Lobby)

Shepherds and THE CUTEST sheep ever!

Wise Men

Full Set

"Medium" Set - you could also add twine to make an ornament

Three sizes of cuteness!! :)  I love them all sizes!!


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