Friday, March 01, 2013

February Update

Hanging out with my girls on the steps of the church.

SarahBeth before church the other morning.  She is wearing (at 6 months) the dress that Hannah wore at 9 months!! :)

Jenny Jump up!  She is still a little too little for this, but soon enough she will love it.

Snow man after a snow we had.  (the one that caused us to loose power and heat for almost 2 days!)

On Jan. 19 we celebrated Josh's 30th birthday.


Our YMCA had a daddy/daughter princess night.

Micah feeding SarahBeth one day.  He was so proud!

Hannah with Valentines Day flowers from Josh.

Crazy hair boys :)

Hannah's early birthday party at the Chuck e cheese with her friend Sarah.

YUMMY Chick fil a!!

Monkey hat :)

Birthday outfit

Blowing out candles!

Happy Birthday to Hannah who was 6 years old yesterday!!!


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