Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Christmas Post

Here is my Christmas update as promised. Here are lots of pictures in random order!

Here is Hannah and Aunt Laura. We took the picture because they matched in orange and blue. Go Gators! Uncle Steven worked so hard to try and get Hannah to say it. Right now she just likes to say "touchdown!" and raise her hands over her head.

Hannah and Poppy. This was one of the last pictures we took before we left Jacksonville at 6pm to drive (ALL NIGHT) back to Louisville. You can tell Hannah was done smiling.

I'm not sure why this one decided to go sideways, as it was right way up when I uploaded it. Oh well, turn your head sideways! This is GG (Lesta) with Andrew. I'm not sure what he is playing with. Thank you GG for letting us stay at your house for Christmas vacation!

Uncle Jon and Hannah. Someone MUST have been doing something funny. It is rare both of them smile this big for a picture!! ha. ha.

Uncle Jon and Hannah playing with toys.

Poppy and Andrew. I think this picture is SO cute. It looks like Andrew is looking at my Dad and saying, "You are SO funny!"

This is my mom-in-laws new puppy she got for Christmas. She had two surprises this year for Christmas. Us showing up at her doorstep at 8am a few days before Christmas and this new puppy (named Bella) on Christmas Day. (Josh's brother Evan in the background)

Hannah opening a doll house from Poppy and Nana Jane.

Hannah LOVES playing with magnets of the fridge. My mom-in-law has tons on her fridge and so Hannah enjoyed hanging out there. Evan is helping her. (sorry about the sideways!)

This is another one of my favorite pictures. Notice Hannah is bossing her Uncle Evan around!! Ha ha. And he is obeying!!

Andrew meeting his Great Grandma Tillman. (Grandpa Bob in the background)
This picture was taken a few days after we returned home. I was baking something and I told Hannah that the food was done in the oven. I turn to look around and Hannah had opened the drawer with the oven mitts (notice just past the stove), and had put the oven mitt on (the red blob on her right arm), and was just about to open the oven to take the food out herself! I guess she thought she had seen Mommy do it so many times she could do it herself. Although this is super cute, I tried to explain to Hannah that she should NEVER open the oven door. "VERY HOT, NO TOUCH" Let's hope it worked!
After going through my Jacksonville Christmas pictures I realized that I have no pictures of Steven, Jane, Jane's girls Nikki and April, Josh's Dad, Josh's sis Sarah, or Grandma Dot!! I should have done better with this picture taking. Next year?

Happy 2009!


CornFed Mama said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip Jo, and Miss Hannah looks beautiful in her green Christmas tree dress. Mr Andrew is growing up so fast, just like our little girl! We wish you the happiest, healthiest and bestest 2009!

Erin said...

VERY cute pics!! She's adorable!


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