Thursday, October 25, 2012


don't feel like posting, but i guess i need to put something out.

i tried to get some pictures to upload but apple products are failing me tonight and thus no pictures.

Hannah is growing up so fast. she is learning more and more in school.  i hope i can teach her to read soon.

Andrew fell down in the church parking lot yesterday and busted out his front tooth pretty bad.  cut up his gums, lips, and inside of his mouth in general.  the whole baby tooth plus the roots and everything came out.  very interesting trip to the er and my first one since being her in nky.

Micah is extra mischievous.  he is getting into so much in the blink of an eye.  literally.  from toilets, to toothpaste, to daddy's shaving cream, scissors, pens and pencils, drinks, candy, to climbing.  he is a handful and a half.

SarahBeth is growing like crazy.  don't know what she weighs now but something big i know it.  she is in 6-9 month clothes already, sleeping through the night, and very alert.  she loves to smile and talk to anyone who will listen.

most of the time i feel like i am handling all four kiddos well, but every mom has her day.  next week i hit the big 3.0.  it doesn't bother me like i thought it might.  the kids are very excited counting down until mommy's birthday.

Josh is still working for american express and pastoring at Willow.  it is always an interesting balance for a life of a bi-vocation pastor and his family.  i know the Lord is watching over our family and knows what we need.

in other news, so thankful we didn't have to pay our evil mortgage company this month. yay. seriously awesome.  they didn't deserve another cent.  and since i don't have anything else nice to say about that i won't say anything more at all.



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