Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hello All! It seems like forever since I posted last, but I think it has only been a week or so. Hannah is doing awesome and having so much fun with life. She babbles constantly and although she did say "mama" first, her now favorite word is "da" or "dada". Today I asked her if she wanted some more baby bananas and I promise you she said "yeah"!! (prononced "ya")

Last week Josh was telling me he had a work breakfast he had to go to. It was that coming Saturday the 20th and Hannah and I were invited if we wanted to attend. Sometimes he finds out about things at the last minute so I didn't think anything of it and agreed Hannah and I would go. It was at a funky Louisville place called Lynn's Paradise Cafe (very yummy breakfast, might I add) and when we got there to my surprise I was being thrown a surprise early birthday party with my former c0-workers and friends!! How exciting! Here is a picture of cute Hannah. She was in on it the whole time and never let on! hee hee

I have to hand it to Josh, he did an AMAZING job covering up this party thing. I asked SO many questions about this "work function"!! Here is Hannah ordering pancakes (with chocolate chips) for her Mommy.

Then, after the breakfast Josh, Hannah, and I headed back to our house where we quickly changed in to Gator gear and swapped Hannah for some Boyce Gator fans and headed off to Lexington for the big game.

Hannah stayed with her friend Taylor and her parents for the day. Hannah had so much fun. So did Josh and I. We sat with my Great Aunt Libby's Rocket City Gator Alumni Club. (we had her tickets) and we were in the tipity top of the corner of the endzone. We liked our seats but the only downside was we would have liked to have been in the shade sooner. As you can see from the picture the other side of the stadium got shade first.

Here is Josh and I with a view from our seats.

The best part about the Saturday was the Gator's winning!! YEAH! It would have not been pretty if the Wildcats had won. They can be pretty stupid when they celebrate and we didn't want to get hurt (or our car set on fire...)

It was great to have a day to just hang out and cheer for our favorite team.
Also, I did tell you I would post more pictures of Hannah, Josh, and I with pumpkins. Here are two cute pictures. One of myself and Hannah and one of Josh and Hannah. We love you all!!

Hannah will be 8 months old here in a few days!!! WOW!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Giggles

You may or may not know that our little girl Hannah is so serious! If you were to meet her when we are out and about Hannah would stare at you with her big blue eyes and maybe possibly cry (if you tried to pick her up). She is smiley at home, but laughs or giggles are hard to come by. I have found a new way to make her giggle. If you pretend to eat her hand, leg, arm, foot - whatever and make a chomping noise like you were biting into a juicy apple. She giggles and shieks. It is SO cute. She also likes it when you surprise her with a "BOO!". It must be that time of the year! =)

Pickin' Pumpkins with our Pumpkin

Here we are at the pumpkin patch ready to find a pumpkin. Hannah wasn't really interested in her pumpkin until we got home.
Here is Hannah and her "Hannah sized" pumpkin.

I will post more pictures later. The website is really being a pain and it is taking forever to upload.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Visit to the Zoo

Josh's work sponsors a fun day every fall for their employees and their families. This year it was at the Louisville Zoo! We decided to take Hannah and walk around. (plus we got free lunch) Our weather has been pretty mild and nice, but today it was HOT! So, it wasn't the perfect fall day at the zoo... I slathered Hannah in sun screen and tried to keep her covered. Poor little girl wasn't really sure what was going on most of the time! We did get some good pictures... Here they are below...

Look Hannah, baby kangaroos!
(I don't think she cares, she's just glad to be out of the stroller!)

Hannah and Daddy by the rhino.

Hannah and Daddy by the elephant.
(but it's not really about the animals, is it?)

There was a pretty garden perfect for picture taking right in the park. To get Hannah to smile I had to sing a tune and make her arms dance then quickly stop for Josh to take the picture.

All in all I would say that Hannah's favorite
part was trying to eat the flowers!

I change my mind, I think Hannah's favorite part was cooling off in the car before we went home and pretending to drive the car! =)

Picture of New Teeth

Well, here is the picture I promised. Her teeth have grown more since...


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